A hole-in-one on the golf course |

The golf course has its busiest season during the summer, and there is always something happening on the green. This week was particularly unique as one of the club members achieved a great feat in the Clubs Championship Tournament.

On weekdays the course is open to everyone, but in the evenings they have different events like ladies night, club members night and couples race. They also run a JR camp during the summer and also have a ladies training camp. The course is very popular during the summer with all the good weather that reigns there. They also made some happy changes to the course. The hole 4 tee box is getting a facelift so we can grow grass, which takes time, so we may see the change next summer. New concrete is poured to be able to store more efficiently the sand which is used all year round. So many fun things happening on the golf course.

Couple Scramble was a big night last week for club member Tom Bare. He had been playing all evening with good friends and family who were able to witness his great achievement. He made his way through the course, killing each one. Then he came to hole 9 – this hole goes over a pond and has a small hill to get to the green. It’s a par 3 and can be tricky to do in three, let alone two shots. Tom has played here several times, and he wasn’t worried. Aligning his club, he swung, making a great connection with the ball, and watched it glide over the water, up the hill and into the hole. Tom had knocked a hole in one! Fortunately, his son, daughter-in-law and friends were there to witness it. Congratulations Tom!

In this weekend, the club championship tournament started at 8am on Saturday. Those who participated started the first lap to do their best to get to the top. Day one came and went with players who were well prepared. But there was still one round to go before it could be decided who was the winner. After the second round ended, there were two tied players, Andrew Jaekel and Jonas Keys. These two men had to play an average of four holes for the win. He was a nail biter until the end, but after those four holes Andrew came out on top and took the win.

What an amazing week on the golf course. It was filled with highs and fun. If you missed it, go ahead and buy a membership or day pass and enjoy your time on the green.

Denise W. Whigham