Allahabad High Court orders UP Government to arrange six-month bridging course for BEd teachers posted as per NCTE order

Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court has ordered the UP Government to conduct a six-month bridging course as per NCTE order to qualified BEd teachers assigned to recruit 69,000 assistant teachers.

A single bench of Judge Rajan Roy passed this order while hearing a motion filed by Pankaj Kumar and 4 others.

The motion in writ has been filed to seek the following relief(s):-

“i. issue a writ, order or direction in the nature of a Mandamus thereby ordering the opposing parties to allow the petitioner to complete their 6 month bridging course/6 month training course within the limit of 2 years of service as soon as possible.

ii. issue such other writs, orders or directions as the Court may deem appropriate and appropriate in the facts and circumstances of the Petitioner’s case.

iii. Award the costs.

The Court noted that,

The applicants were hired as a teaching assistant on 05.10.2020 and possessed the qualification of B.Ed which is the prescribed qualification according to the NCTE regulations, a fact which is also admitted by the State Attorney.

However, in the advertisement, it was mentioned that candidates with the B.Ed qualification if successful, they will receive a six-month bridging course. This had to be done within two years of the appointment.

The applicant’s grievance is that the two-year period from the date of their appointment will expire in May 2022 but the said bridging training has not yet been provided. They are afraid that some bad consequences will fall on them because of this failure of the opposing parties although the petitioners are not responsible at all.

Ran Vijay Singh, the respondent’s attorney, said that in his announcement there was no mention that the bridging training would be done within two years, to which the applicant’s attorney replied, which is a notification in the Official Journal dated 28.06.2018 under the NCTE. Law which provides that this bridging training must be completed by these teachers within two years of their appointment.

Ran Vijay Singh, the lawyer, states that on 25.04.2022, the secretary of the Basic Education Board wrote to the state government to obtain the six-month bridging course training.

“In view of the above, given the facts of the case, there would be no point in keeping this application pending. The applicants are not at fault because after being appointed, they waited the six-month bridging course and when this was not done, they came before the Court.

Now the Secretary of the Board of Basic Education has written to the State Government on 25.04.2022 and the matter is pending at the State Government level. The state government should ensure that the said six-month bridging training is provided to applicants and others in a similar situation before the expiration of a period of two years from the date of their initial appointment. .

However, if the state government fails to do so, the petitioners will not suffer any adverse consequences as a result. But in any case, the bridge course should be run by the government or the council, as the case may be for the petitioners,” the court observed in ruling on the motion in brief.

Denise W. Whigham