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Empathy and Expertise

Integrity, expertise and empathy are the values ​​that have defined The Barnett Firm for over 14 years. Benjamin Barnett handles some of the toughest cases a lawyer can face, and the firm’s track record of success in court and mediation is indicative of its dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for the client.

“People who come to us for advice in the areas of family law, adoption, divorce and child advocacy, among others, face some of the toughest decisions of their lives. …decisions tainted with remorse and anger and frustration,” he says. These types of cases are very emotional for the parties and require more than a lawyer. Barnett strives to identify the best interests of her clients in order to help them persevere through the high tension situations that may arise during a stressful time in their lives.

“The work,” says Barnett, “really involves a commitment to making the emotional health of our customers a priority, which has been one of the company’s guiding principles since its inception in 2008.” Barnett prides itself on approaching each case with this mindset.

When it comes to divorce, Barnett isn’t afraid of numbers. Working with high profile divorces, an area where other attorneys may struggle, is where Barnett finds his zone. “Lawyers are overwhelmed with the asset sharing process, but you need to identify the needs of both parties and provide an environment for them to work out a deal,” he says. This strategy is the one Barnett uses when he conducts mediations at his office for other Knoxville-area attorneys, and also when he attends mediation for his clients.

Perhaps one of the reasons this company excels at connecting and understanding customers is because Barnett is part of that community, too. A Tennessean native and longtime resident of Knox County, he understands the unique legal challenges of East Tennessee and uses that experience to his advantage to put his clients on the path to success from the first day he takes charge. a case.

A seasoned litigator, Barnett has represented people across East TN and in places as far afield as Hawaii and Germany. This extensive experience helps Barnett effectively navigate legal proceedings and implement strategies tailored to clients and their unique situations. “We are adept at negotiating cases, as well as anticipating and countering the arguments of opposing lawyers. We use this experience to develop strategies tailored to clients’ circumstances. Clients benefit from knowledge gained from previous cases.

It is just as important as his job in the courtroom to maintain open and honest communication with his clients. “It is essential that our clients feel well informed and confident in their decisions. We make sure that happens. Barnett is extremely proud of the company’s commitment to its customers. “The reason I love doing what I do is because I fix things,” Barnett says. “People bring me in to fix what everyone says is irreparable, but I haven’t found a situation yet that isn’t fixable.”

Barnett is this year’s Golden Gavel in Family/Divorce Law and has been consistently recognized with honors by organizations such as Best of Knoxville/Knox Stars Award, “10 Best Law Firms” designation, recognition “10 Best” from the American Institute of Family Lawyers and “Best Divorce Lawyers in Knoxville” by

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