Climate Change Costing New Mexico Billions of Dollars, Study Finds | Local News

Disasters and weather stresses have cost New Mexico $5.3 billion over the past 42 years, while nationally, extreme weather events have caused $150 billion in damage over the past 42 years. single year passed.

These are two of the conclusions of a report on the economic impact of climate change commissioned by a non-partisan group of environmentally conscious businesses called E2 – short for Environmental Entrepreneurs.

E2 wanted to assess the direct economic impacts of climate change on a national scale and determine whether the effects are getting worse as the weather becomes hotter, drier and more unpredictable. The study looked at the cost of weather disasters to states, counties and congressional districts since 1980 – and it turned out to be several billion dollars collectively, with threats of billions of dollars on the horizon as the climate continues to warm.

Denise W. Whigham