Fortitude Learning, Online Certificate Course, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016

Fortitude Learning is hosting an online certificate course on the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 from October 9 to October 11, 2022.

This course is a 3 day course on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Course, 2016 with the aim of providing participants with an in-depth knowledge of the insolvency regime in India as well as developments since its inception in 2016. This course is tailored to cover various aspects of the insolvency regime, to be taught by the best minds in this field.

Topics to cover

1. History and Development of Bankruptcy Laws in India and Introduction of IBC Code, 2016.

2. Business insolvency resolution plan.

3. Formulation of the creditors’ committee and its role in the framework of the IBC 2016.

4. IBC and litigation practice.

5. Cross-border insolvency.

6. Liquidation process and role of the liquidator.

seven. Drafting Request filed for initiation of CIRP under Section 7, 9 or 10.

Speakers for the course

1. Mr. Sumant Batra, Managing Partner, Kesar Das B & Associates

2. Mr. Ashwini Mehra, Ret. Deputy Managing Director SBI, former resolution professional and liquidator Punj Lloyd Ltd.

3. Mr. Raghuram Cadambi, Advocate, High Court of Karnataka

4. Mr. Madhav Kanoria, Partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas

5. Ms. Vatsala Rai, Partner, AZB & Partners

6. Mr. Ashish Pyasi, Associate Partner, Dhir and Dhir Associates

seven. Mr. Aashit Shah, Partner, JSA

Registration link

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The registration deadline is October 7e 2022

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