Guest View: Did you know that MJUSD added an ASL class for high school students this year? | Opinion

Did you know that the Marysville Joint Unified School District is the only district in our area to offer American Sign Language (ASL) classes to high school students? What’s even more exciting is that the request for this course came at one of the district’s monthly student forums, where student leaders meet with me to discuss important issues, ranging from student culture and staff to study programs.

We had a large group of students requesting this course. During this first year, the Introductory ASL course is offered daily for four periods, two for students at Marysville High School and two for students at Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts. About 100 students are currently enrolled in the course and many more were on a waiting list at the start of the semester. The first year course focuses on basic conversation and provides an introduction to Deaf history and culture. Students also learn basic sign language techniques.

Denise W. Whigham