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Nagpur: The Institute of Cost and Labor Accountants of India (ICWAI) has offered to provide a free basic accounting course to soldiers leaving the army after their four-year tenure as Agniveers. For this, he asked the government to include him in the skills development program.
ICWAI, which is headquartered in Kolkata, is the governing body of cost accounting professionals formed by enactment of law.
ICWAI Vice President Vijender Sharma said the institute offers a one-year course for chartered accountants which deals with general aspects of accountancy. The ICWAI had discussions with the Ministry of Defense and offered to offer the course free of charge to Agniveers. For this, the institute insists that it be recognized as a skills development course. After such recognition, it can be offered for free to Agniveers as the cost will be covered by the government.
This will be in addition to the main cost accounting course. After passing the course, soldiers can get white-collar jobs in the accounting profession, he said.
Sharma and other senior ICWAI officials were in town to attend a seminar on Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs).
The Institute’s President, P Raju Iyer, said the ICWAI has also linked up with the Indian Institute of Statistics and will conduct an exercise to estimate the cost of growing various crops.
In Vidarbha, he selected paddy and chana (gram). Villages in Bhandara and Wardha districts were chosen for the sample study. The veteran accountant from Nagpur, Shrihari Chava, is the organizer of the project.
Iyer said the idea is to come up with a more scientific method of estimating the cost of cultivation in the country. A number of aspects such as family labor, interest rate, asset depreciation, livestock performance and maintenance will be taken into account during the exercise, he said. declared.
The idea is to present it to the government so that it is even taken into account when setting the minimum support price (MSP). However, this is ICWAI’s own initiative and not a government mandate, he said.


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Denise W. Whigham