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An innovative cybersecurity training course is helping businesses in the region build their internal cybersecurity capabilities.

The East London Institute of Technology (ELIOT) has developed The Information Security Analyst – Foundation courses in collaboration with ILO Group and the CyberHub Trust; IT professionals gain extensive training in cybersecurity skills, enabling them to protect their organizations and customers from costly and damaging cyberattacks.

The ELIoT and CyberHub Trust, as part of a Department for Education (DfE) job skills pilot, have partnered with service provider BIT Group – a specialist in bespoke IT and in cybersecurity for business and continuing education organizations to develop the course.

It was created to help fill the shortfall of 10,000 people in the UK’s cybersecurity recruitment pool, identified in a Government study 2021. The approach allows employers to build information security resources internally, without needing to hire new people or invest in external support. Aimed at making cybersecurity skills more accessible, the training offers a broad overview of “all things cyber”, taking place over alternating weeks to fit participants’ day-to-day tasks. The skills they learn also give their employer a starting point to work on the government-backed Cyber ​​Essentials program, developed to help organizations defend against online threats.

Participants are trained within the CyberHub Security Operations Center (SOC) at ELIoT, Barking & Dagenham College, a fully functional security operations environment. This makes Barking & Dagenham College one of only three colleges in the UK (and it was the very first CyberHub) with its own on-site SOC, providing professionals with a unique opportunity to learn hands-on in an environment realistic.

The 10-day course, held between January and March, has attracted participants from several leading global companies, including HSBC, HMRC, TikTok and Amazon..

Open source software risk and compliance specialist Muhammed Khan said after completing the course:

“I’ve always had an interest in cybersecurity and wanted to upgrade myself to hopefully help me land a role in this industry. The most valuable thing was the mix of theory and science-based learning. practical, which is crucial as the industry appreciates this.I have recently accepted a new job offer and am confident that the skills, knowledge and experience will help me in my day to day role.

Ben Franklin, BIT Group CTO, says:

“There is a national cybersecurity skills shortage, and we want to play a part in increasing capacity across the UK, particularly in areas where this is currently underfunded. The course we offer with ELIoT helps companies bridge the skills gap by educating professionals who already understand IT on how to secure it. It also helps to drive a culture of security within these organizations – many of which do not have a dedicated security department – ​​by developing “in-house” security champions who can build and maintain momentum internally. »

The courseware has been accredited by the NCSC and the AMPG Security Foundation. Participants bring back to their organizations the knowledge and skills needed to protect their network, customers and communities from growing security threats, including ransomware.

Shafaat Shah, Curriculum Manager – Business, Professional & IT, ELIoT/Barking & Dagenham College comments:

“The College and its partners play a vital role in developing people who are already employed, to help develop their careers and provide the talent companies need for the future. This pilot training provided a more accessible way to access cybersecurity training for SMEs, allowing their existing staff to upskill and gain in-house expertise in this crucial area.

Michael Klonowski, CEO of CyberHub Trust, said:

“The digital landscape is growing exponentially and as a result cybercrime and the need for cybersecurity solutions are also increasing, which means there are incredibly exciting career opportunities out there.

“Our unique CyberHubs allow us to work with government, law enforcement, educators and digital experts to develop and deliver innovative cyber, cloud and digital courses, work experience and ultimately, careers.”

To learn more about the CyberHub Trust, visit:

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