Lease dispute at St. Andrews golf course costs prepaid members about $2,000

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) — Denny Custer paid around $2,000 to play golf at St. Andrews Golf Course this year. But, Custer has no membership in the course after a lease dispute leads to a change in management.

Mike Hall, who was the longtime course operator, gave members a 20% discount if they renewed their membership in November. But, another company took over the course after a lease dispute in December.

Custer said the new company, which is called St. Andrews Golf Course LLC and headed by Vicky Hanus, is not honoring the previous management’s agreement. He said he was extremely frustrated and upset with the situation.

“I mean it’s money out of my pocket,” Custer said. “I work hard for my money and you know it’s been many years to have a place to play golf and I’ve been away. I’m the one holding the bag here.

He hopes to get a refund, but he doesn’t know if the new or old company running the course has their money.

Hall said in an email that he didn’t have the money because “most of it has been promised for 2022.” However, Hall did not respond when TV9 followed up asking how the money was being used. Hanus said he referred TV9 to his lawyers, who did not call back.

Hall is suing Hanus to operate St. Andrews again and the trial is scheduled for April 2023.

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Denise W. Whigham