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DAVE KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette Little League players arrive at Bowman Field for the 2021 MLB Little League Classic between the Angels and Indians.

A possible World Series winner could appear at Muncy Bank Park at Historic Bowman Field on August 20.

That’s if the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Houston Astros.

Regardless, the Phillies are set to take on the Washington Nationals in the annual Major League Baseball Little League Classic.

To make sure that happens, the Williamsport City Council will discuss a lease deal with Major League Baseball on Thursday night.

Because the city owns Bowman Field, the Finance Committee entered into a $25,000 lease agreement with Mayor Derek Slaughter, who first asked City Attorney Austin White, League Counsel baseball major and attorney for Williamsport Crosscutters and Cutting Edge Sports to review the document.

The Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies are next in line to Williamsport, Pa., to compete in the 2023 MLB Little League Classic. Washington, will air nationally that night exclusively on ESPN. “Sunday Night Baseball” to 19h. The special Little League Baseball World Series event will also be available on ESPN Radio, the ESPN App and ESPN Deportes.

As is tradition for this annual occasion, major leaguers from the Phillies and National Championships will attend Little League Baseball World Series games earlier in the day, demonstrating their commitment to helping grow the game at the league level. young people and engage with young fans. Later in the evening, Little League Baseball World Series players and their families will fill Bowman Field for the MLB Little League Classic game.

The Little League Classic was launched in August 2017 between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals. The inaugural event was followed by the Philadelphia Phillies hosting the New York Mets in 2018, the Pirates returning to face the Chicago Cubs in 2019, the Cleveland Guardians facing the Los Angeles Angels in 2021, and then the Orioles of Baltimore and the Boston Red Sox competing in the 2022 event.

The lease removed the River Valley Transit Authority, which must enter into its own separate agreement with Major League Baseball now that the transit system is an authority-operated system.

Previously, this part of the agreement was related to the transportation of professional players and little leaguers and families and MLB dignitaries and guests.

Committee members questioned the mayor about any discussions with the Crosscutters and a separate lease, mostly related to merchandising, and Austin didn’t think that was a problem or a problem.

Miele said that when the Classic game started, the premise expressed was that it was for the next year or two. Now, it looks like there’s no foreseeable end to the Classic game, but the lease says MLB can end the lease at any time.

Slaughter said that between this game and the Field of Dreams game in Iowa, both events are popular with viewers and visitors. It doesn’t look like MLB is going anywhere in terms of classic play, which has been ranked as the most popular youth and professional sporting event by a national sports magazine.

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