Minnesota Golf Course Offers More Than Golf, It’s Haunted Too

Halloween is on Monday, and if you’re looking for another kind of spooky travel idea, you might want to check out this Minnesota golf course said to be haunted by former landowner ET where the former farmer and his wife’s gravestones are still near the fairway of the first hole!

Montgomery National Golf Course is currently undergoing a few changes, including the addition of a new clubhouse, changes to hole locations, and the addition of different hazards. One thing that may NOT change is the fact that the golf course would be haunted!

The course was built on land owned by Bendict Burii, and he and his wife were buried near a large poplar tree on the first fairway.

The golf course has had its share of weird experiences in the past, including TVs turning on and off inside the old clubhouse. The televisions and an appearance in the old clubhouse are believed to be attributed to a former owner of the golf course, apparently enjoying the afterlife by doing what many would want to do, spending the day at the golf course.

Other tales include seeing an apparition on the course at sunset that seems to vanish into nothingness, which is possibly attributed to Bendict Burii, the farmer who owned the land. Maybe he’s exploring the fields looking at the land that once grew crops and wondering what happened to his once quaint farm.

You don’t have to take my word for it, I used to live two blocks from Monty’s golf course, right under the water tower, and I used to ask neighbors about possible hauntings and I I either got a shrug or a story with a smile. My favorite answer came from a guy who worked at the brewery in town, he told me to investigate at dusk and report to him what I found.

And you know what I found? A bunch of people having a day on the links, smiles and a few guys leaving the clubhouse after a few beers.

Life’s too short not to have fun, or to believe what you want, current owner Greg McKush seems to believe.

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