Shabazz Associates – ARNA’s Unique Client Focused Tribal Law Firm

At Shabazz Associates, they pride themselves on providing hassle-free, win-win legal services with a team of attorneys known for their in-depth legal knowledge, skill and expertise.

Shabazz Associates is an ARNA (Aboriginal Republic of North America) tribal law firm that provides strategic legal advice and representation for all commercial, public and private matters in Indigenous North America.

With a strong emphasis on client victory rather than personal victory, Shabazz Associates has built a reputation on its passion for hard work, excellent communication with every client, and comprehensive services ranging from credit creation businesses to lifetime tax exemption services under one roof.

The Shabazz Associates team is known for their high level of service and attention to each client. The firm develops the best possible strategy for each client’s case by thoroughly investigating what happened, identifying the main evidence available, and then filing lawsuits on behalf of the clients so that they can recover their losses. .

Shabazz Associates is proud to be one of the leaders in helping tribes across the United States get started with real-time self-administered repairs without any hassle. They enjoy helping and protecting future generations by creating a legacy for First Nations communities. Shabazz Associates combines traditional values ​​with modern legal strategies with a mission to meet all of their clients’ needs, providing legal services to maximize clients’ potential for success now and in the future.

Asked about the uniqueness of the company, founder Mr. Kojo said, “We champion the rights of Indigenous, Black, and African American people across the United States and around the world. Our mission is to provide exemplary, quality and value-driven legal services. We bring years of expertise to advise you beyond what an average lawyer can do. You can count on us to give you clear guidance and information on how to navigate your unique situation and achieve your goals. We are compassionate, tenacious and committed to the best interests of our clients. Whether you are an Indigenous person who has or is seeking “Indigenous” status or membership in a tribal government, or have been discriminated against because of your heritage, we can help.

Empowering Indigenous people to reclaim their tribal identity, Shabazz Associates works with people of Native American ancestry to help them reclaim their nationality and rights as Indigenous people. They also provide consultation, legal research, and national and international assistance on Indigenous Black African American rights to land, wages, and representation in local, state, or federal court cases.

They offer state-of-the-art services and processes to facilitate businesses with the tax exemption journey. Their goal is to save clients money by getting tribal entities tax exempt while minimizing their workload. Additionally, they are focused on helping tribes, associations, and LLCs create a legal and regulatory compliant structure for their tribal business.

Fixing credit and the economy can be frustrating. Shabazz associates are credit repair experts who will help customers fix their credit reports so they can move on with their financial future. Additionally, Shabazz Associates’ highly experienced team is dedicated to protecting the rights of tribal members and non-tribal members against discrimination, predatory business practices, and fraud.

Having debt problems can feel like drowning. Shabazz Associates has the experience and expertise to help them get back to where they want to be by effectively settling their debts while avoiding lawsuits. They offer expert advice, aggressive representation and tenacious commitment to clients at every stage of the debt collection process.

Crypto and blockchain can be tricky areas to navigate. This is why Shabazz Associates offers a unique service in this area of ​​law. They provide legal assistance for the implementation of blockchain technology and issues related to taxation. Coupled with a network of leading blockchain and crypto consultants, Shabazz Associates is the trusted source for actionable legal solutions and trusted legal advice, helping clients navigate the ins and outs of the blockchain market. blockchain.

Shabazz Associates provides contract drafting and review assistance with experience in various documents, real estate transactions, media contracts, technology agreements, and more. They will accompany the client throughout the drafting process, from the contract to the final signature. Visit their website to find out how they can help clients translate their ideas into legally binding documents.

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