Shivraj said on the Singhar case, the law will take its course

Bhopal. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today said the law was taking its own course in the rape case registered against Congress MP Umang Singhar, who was a minister in the previous government of Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh. We will not save anyone or trap anyone. Chouhan said he is not talking about any specific person. The law is taking its course, we will not save anyone or implicate anyone, but it is the duty of the police to investigate and take the necessary action in the event of a complaint. He said someone said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was doing all this.

He was surprised to hear that. If a victim says something, it is the duty of the police to listen and investigate. The chief minister said the government was not intervening in all of this. The law is taking its course. A woman claiming to be his wife has filed an FIR against Congress MP Umang Singhar of Gandhwani in Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh under rape and other criminal sections at Naogaon police station in Dhar district. On the complaint of the woman, an FIR was recorded late Sunday evening. According to the FIR, Singhar physically and mentally abused the woman under the guise of marriage. Singhar alleged that the woman asked him for money and threatened to ruin his political future. In this regard, he also filed a written complaint with the police on November 2.

Denise W. Whigham