SNL did a sketch of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and of course it was the poo incident

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial is still moving forward and getting wilder by the day. The ex-co-stars and ex-spouses have both taken the witness stand and accused each other of all manner of shocking behavior, but arguably the craziest allegation is still Depp’s claim that Heard got angry and pooped in their bed. We still don’t know for sure what happened, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from wildly speculating, and it hasn’t stopped Saturday Night Live this week to open the show with a skit about the smelly incident.

The sketch is framed as an MSNBC update on the lawsuit. Kate McKinnon plays MSNBC anchor Nicole Wallace, who talks about how enthralled we all are with the lawsuit and how glad we’re all not involved. She then cuts to a clip that features Depp (Kyle Mooney) on the witness stand. His lawyer (Aidy Bryant) presents a video of the staff finding the poop in Depp’s bed, and the judge (Cecily Strong) allows it because we obviously all want to see it. You can check it below…

Usually Saturday Night Live takes everything that happens in real life and tries to amp it up in order to create a comedy, but there’s nothing about the Heard/Depp thing that needs to be amped up or expanded upon. Everyone is already fascinated by what’s going on, and every week it seems to get even weirder. One moment someone is accusing the other of truly tragic and upsetting things, and the next moment an expert witness is going super viral for blurting out and then admitting to a particularly loud and aggressive fart while testifying.

The trial was paused briefly but will continue this week. Amber Heard’s sister is expected to take the witness stand, and observers are watching very closely what she will say. She is potentially both positive and negative for either side, given that she would have been present for several abusive incidents. Expect each side to ask him about very different things.

As it concerns SNL goes, last night was the penultimate episode of the season and featured Only murders in the building star Selena Gomez as a first-time host. She was joined by music star Post Malone, and while she didn’t appear in the cold open above, she had plenty of opportunities to shine in a variety of sketches, including one where she played a Bratz dollanother where she played a local talk show host and another like a liner well above his head.

SNL will return for its season finale next weekend with Russian doll star Natasha Lyonne takes over as host. She will be joined by musical guest Japanese Breakfast. It should be a great show. It’s not yet known if this will be the last show for any particular cast member, but expect to hear plenty of speculation about it this summer.

Denise W. Whigham