Tears and anger of 9/11 families at Trump Golf Course

Tears flowed and emotions boiled over as furious members of the 9/11 family once again lambasted ex-President Donald Trump for hosting the Saudi-funded LIV golf tour on Friday – at only 42 miles from Ground Zero.

“We are standing in the backyard of where people have been ground to dust,” an emotional Brett Eagleson said as he gathered with other protesters near Trump’s golf course in Bedminster, NJ. “It’s the worst form of greed and evil. Golfers and the former president are cowards.

Family members grabbed photos of loved ones lost when the World Trade Center was torn down by terrorists, and many wore red or blue baseball caps that read “9/11 Justice.”

A number mentioned a 2019 meeting with Trump where he posed for photos with 9/11 family members and promised to release classified notes linking the Saudi government to the terror attack. Trump never followed up, with President Biden eventually releasing the documents.

“You lied to our face and continued your bulls—statements,” said Tim Frolic, who miraculously found his way from the 80th floor of the South Tower. “It is deplorable.”

Frolic didn’t mince words about participating golfers, including big names like Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson – all of whom signed multi-million dollar LIV contracts.

“‘Never Forget’ didn’t come with an expiration date,” he said. “There is outrage, pain and confusion… These athletes have made a personal decision to be bought by Saudi Arabia.”

The families, who are pursuing a lawsuit seeking damages from Saudi Arabia for its alleged role in the attacks, released a scathing ad blaming Trump for hosting the LIV tournament. The amount of money Trump’s golf club will receive for the event has not been disclosed.

Trump’s decision to host the LIV tour came after his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, uprising at the U.S. Capitol led the PGA of America to cut ties with the ex-president. The House committee investigating the riot on Capitol Hill reported that Trump watched it unfold at the White House, turning down calls from family and friends asking for it to be stopped.

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Trump, a New York native who was in Manhattan on 9/11, added some salt to the 21-year-old’s injuries by playing the course in a pro-am round earlier in the week. He hosted the new golf tour just six weeks before the upcoming anniversary of the terrorist attack that toppled the 110-story twin towers in lower Manhattan.

“You don’t just play golf, you take a stand,” said Juliette Scauso, who lost her 46-year-old FDNY father on 9/11. “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is allowed to operate on American soil with impunity. How much money does it take to turn your back on your country? »

The former president shrugged off his critics as he played the course a day earlier.

“No regrets,” he said of the fledgling golf operation. “I like it.”

He previously urged golfers to “take the money”, predicting the Saudi-backed league would eventually merge with the PGA.

Lawyer Jay Winuk, whose brother Glen was a volunteer EMT killed while running inside burning buildings to help others, expressed anger at the event denounced by critics as ‘sportswashing “Saudi.

Participating pros, along with Trump, have been left with “blood money” on their hands as families await justice, he said.

Denise W. Whigham