The four types of traumatic brain injury

A traumatic brain injury can lead to a host of problems, some of which can last a lifetime. Almost everything, from movement to personality, can change with a single brain injury. The complications that arise and the duration of these complications depend on the type of brain injury a person suffers from. If your brain injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, consider asking a Jackson brain injury attorney about your compensation options.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injury

The four main types of traumatic brain injury are broken down by level of severity:

  • Mild traumatic brain injury
  • Moderate traumatic brain injury
  • Severe traumatic brain injury
  • Penetrating head trauma

Mild traumatic brain injury can also be considered concussions, the least severe form of brain injury. People with these injuries only pass out for 30 minutes or less and regain functioning at the end of the day. There might be some initial confusion about who or where they are and what happened. Memory may be impaired for a short time, but it is regained sooner rather than later.

Moderate traumatic brain injury often involves a person passing out for more than 30 minutes. Symptoms of confusion and memory loss tend to last longer than a day. Some functions may be impaired, but not major functions like the ability to move or speak.

Severe traumatic brain injury involves fainting and various impairments that last for several days. Some impairments can last a lifetime, with speech, personality, sleep, movement and the five senses being affected in different ways. A person with a severe brain injury may slur words, not be able to walk, have blurred vision, or fall into a coma.

Penetrating traumatic brain injury occurs when the skull and scalp are cut open, exposing the brain to the outside world. This can happen with severe head trauma or sharp objects puncturing the skull. The risks of infection are high while the chances of survival are low.

Primary versus secondary brain damage

There are also primary brain damage and secondary brain damage. These vary depending on how the damage occurs and when the brain damage stops. Brain damage caused by primary brain damage is complete by the time the damage occurs. This means that no further brain damage is likely to occur after the initial damage.

Secondary brain damage involves brain damage that continues to worsen after the initial injury. Hours or days of continuous brain damage can occur due to:

  • Swelling or inflammation of the brain
  • Changes in the chemical, tissue and cellular parts of the brain
  • Brain infections

Don’t hesitate to contact a Jackson brain injury lawyer if your injury was caused by someone else. Depending on the severity of your brain injury, you may be eligible for additional compensation.

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