The National Cybersecurity Agency organizes training

The National Cybersecurity Agency (NCSA), represented by the Department of National Cybersecurity Excellence, in cooperation with the Department of Justice’s Center for Legal and Forensic Studies, conducted cybersecurity training.
According to an official statement, the course aims to provide and develop participants’ skills in the field of cybersecurity and the risks posed by cyberattacks to countries. The course also discusses the legal framework thereof in Qatar and globally, as well as the extent of engagement of national institutions and authorities in implementing and addressing cybersecurity standards locally and internationally. .
The main topics of the course deal with the nature of cybersecurity and the fight against cyberattacks, the NCSA, the decision to create the agency and its powers stipulated in the Amiri decree to protect the vital installations of the country and to raise and strengthen cybersecurity in cyberspace. The course covers applications that deal with examples of the most prominent cyberattacks, virus attacks, and malware while dealing with online court rulings. In addition, it covers ways to protect infrastructure, practical issues of data protection and the fight against cyberattacks.
Nada Jassem al-Abdul Jabbar, director of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, said the course is part of the center’s role in training all legal groups and developing their skills in all areas of law. , especially the most vital and new ones. “As the state places great importance on cybersecurity, the center made sure that its training plan included a number of courses in this regard, which the center did not find better than the experts of the Agency national for cybersecurity in the training of trainees in these courses, “said the director.
Dalal al-Aqidi from the National Cyber ​​Excellence Department said that the NCSA spares no effort to cooperate to exchange experiences in the field of training with institutions and ministries across the country. She said this was done with the aim of increasing and strengthening cyber capabilities and spreading a culture of electronic security and digital security among all sections of society, especially civil servants in vital sectors. “The agency responds to all requests it receives regarding the preparation and organization of courses for a specific group of professionals,” the official said.
Khaled al-Muftah, who is an NCSA expert, explained the role of the agency’s security plan for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, while detailing security and precautionary measures ahead of the events sportsmen.

Denise W. Whigham