These are the three best places to study on campus | Opinion

While people can give a variety of answers when asked why they go to college, the main answer for many students is that they are looking to further their education.

Along with the quest for more knowledge is studying.

The average student probably spends at least three hours a day studying, which means a good chunk of their time outside of class is buried in the back of a book or writing formulas for their calculus test.

With so much time spent revising, or rather cramming, where we choose to study is of the utmost importance. I offer three locations among the best places to study on campus.

The obvious answer is Harper, the pride and joy of Creighton.

With its smooth floors and wooden accents, Harper seems to appeal to all students, not just business kids.

Part of that comes from the extensive amenities, meeting rooms, open classrooms, and even our very own Starbucks.

Meeting rooms are fantastic, although a bit hard to find. Providing personal space in a naturally crowded part of campus, these rooms allow for excellent secluded study or small group sessions.

Additionally, the Starbucks aldown for sugary drinks to keep you up late at night.

My next suggestion is the law library.

This brutalist concrete box contains a fantastic study place surrounded by just enough dusty books to romanticize your college life.

Strongly enforced gag order helps lets you focus and stay productive.

Plus, there are plenty of spacious desks, comfy chairs, and rarely used classrooms for studying, so you have somewhere to sit –something you might find a rarity at Harper.

While the other library has all of this things, the Law Library has a more temperate climate, avoiding the sauna-like humidity of the Reinert Library.

My final suggestions, and what may come as a surprise, is the Old Gym.

This building is part of what looks like the Forgotten Section of Creighton, containing only occasional computer or EMT classes.

If you need silence, complete silence, the Old Gym lets you go an entire day without seeing another human face.

With large, open classrooms and offices tucked away in small nooks and crannies, it combines the seclusion of the law library with Harper’s personal space.

Although these are my favorites and my recommendations, everyone’s tastes and needs differ, which means your preferred study location may be an entirely different location.

And that’s fine: wherever you can go some homework done is a good place to study.

Denise W. Whigham