TIF study, flat housing before NP Planning Commission on Tuesday | Latest titles

Members of the North Platte Planning Commission will review a “substandard and degraded” study on Tuesday for land south of Interstate 80 and a flat first subdivision for a recently approved “shovel-ready” housing project.

The nine-member panel will also elect 2022-23 officers and consider freeing two lanes north of Rodeo Road at the 5:30 p.m. meeting in the City Hall Council Chambers, 211 W. Third St.

Tuesday’s monthly meeting was rescheduled from August 23 when the North Platte City Council scheduled a special meeting that day.

The planning commission session will be streamed live on the city’s YouTube channel. To access it on Tuesday, visit ci.north-platte.ne.us/government/city-departments/development/planning-commission-agendas-minutes.

Members will hold a public hearing and decide whether or not to recommend that the City Council declare a 30-acre area north of Hackberry Road eligible for tax increase funding.

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Wilkinson Development, which commissioned the study from Marvin Planning Associates of David City, owns 22.06 acres of vacant land that makes up most of the potentially TIF-eligible area.

The study area also includes an adjacent block bounded by Hackberry, Russian Olive Road, South Oak Street and Lynn Court. It is west and south of the main Interstate 80 interchange.

Marvin’s study paper, returned Aug. 2 by council to the Planning Commission, says 24 of the area’s 26 buildings are at least 40 years old. This is one of several TIF eligibility factors set forth in state law.

The study area also has fair to poor conditions for existing streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, the Marvin study adds.

Finding the substandard and degraded area would increase the percentage of North Platte’s TIF-eligible area from 20.8% to 21.1%, planning administrator Judy Clark said in a memorandum. State law limits TIF-eligible land to 35% in cities the size of North Platte.

Prior to undertaking the Marvin Study, the Planning Commission will take over the first platform of North Platte Area Chamber & Development Corp’s planned 51-lot subdivision. at West 17th Street and Adams Avenue.

Earlier this summer, members of council agreed to sell 13.2 acres of city-owned land to the chamber and award $1.87 million in TIF assistance to install the infrastructure needed for the subdivision.

House President and CEO Gary Person said his group – which plans to sell individual lots to modular or standard home builders – has named its subdivision “Mulligan Meadows”.

‘Mulligan’ refers both to the River’s Edge golf course, the land’s eastern neighbor, and to the idea that North Platte is ‘giving housing a second chance’, he told The Telegraph on Friday .

The person said the subdivision flat features the eight northernmost lots of the project on the south side of Adams. The remainder of the 13.2-acre parcel will remain a single lot for now, he said.

Lots along Adams are already serviced by city sewers and only need water lines to be offered for sale once those are installed, Person said.

The city’s TIF aid will gradually offset the costs of the chamber to install streets and public services throughout the territory.

That work will follow in 2023, Person said, but building the first eight lots now offers the best chance of starting to add homes along Adams by the end of the year.

Members of the Planning Commission will decide whether to recommend approval of the development to council, which is expected to consider it on September 6.

In other business, the panel will consider whether to recommend that council vacate the driveways north and west of 1218 N. Ash St. The building on this property is just north of Zeller Motor Co. at Ash and Rodeo Road.

Clark said the plaintiff wanted to allow for a reconfiguration of the lot and the possible addition of a fence to the property.

Denise W. Whigham