Ukraine is changing the course of the war because it changed its strategy – The New York Times

With the arrival of more and more weapons, Ukraine has imperceptibly changed its war strategy against Russia. And it’s about to break its course.

This is reported by The New York Times, writes RBC-Ukraine.

Vidana notes that in the spring and summer of 2022, Ukrainian troops came under Russian artillery fire during rallies, losing positions and up to 200 fighters a day. But in recent weeks, the Ukrainian armed forces have changed their strategy thanks to Western weapons and succeeded, at least in slowing down the advance of Russia.

ranged weapon

The Ukrainian army, with its ever-growing arsenal of long-range Western weapons, was able to strike deep into the rear of the enemy. This resulted in disruption of supply lines and damage to key targets. At the same time, Russia was forced to rebuild its tactics, giving ZSU pause to make more strategic decisions.

Such an approach is particularly suitable for the Kherson region, where a counterattack has been announced for several weeks. The first regional center, whose supply depends only on four bridges over the Dnipro, is considered very vulnerable.

These days, Ukrainian troops broke the last bridge, because of which thousands of Russian soldiers found themselves under the threat of isolation.

The strategy pays

Although the Ukrainian army did not make serious territorial gains, it managed to slow the Russian advance and stop heavy losses. But the enemy continues to exert pressure on the east and the south, and certain positions are gradually lost. Thus, it will have sufficient forces to continue offensive operations.

Ukraine’s efforts in the south are not so much a change of approach as an expansion of the strategy adopted at the start of the war aimed at leveling the rules of engagement with Russia. Since the enemy far exceeds Ukraine in terms of manpower, the number of weapons and ammunition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine must be innovative and flexible.

In the initial phase, Russia was able to take advantage of its advantage and seize nearby territories, but now, with long-range artillery, in particular, HIMARS has managed to significantly slow it down.

good luck in the south

It is in the Kherson region that a turning point in the war is expected in favor of Ukraine. Using HIMARS and other artillery pieces, the ZSU gradually deprived Russia of its ability to supply troops west of the Dnipro, including the city of Kherson, which it controlled in the first weeks of the war.

According to the representative of the Ukrainian command, the idea is to make the conditions so unacceptable that Russia itself withdraws to the Dnipro before a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

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