When will Deshaun Watson take the field for the Browns?

CLEVELAND (WJW) — Cleveland Browns fans are watching for new developments that could reveal how long quarterback Deshaun Watson will be off the field this season.

And later Thursday, some of the 24 women who sued Watson for sexual misconduct and their lawyers plan to speak out.

On Wednesday, the NFL announced a call for discipline for Watson’s alleged conduct with women during massages. The NFL Commissioner will determine who will hear the appeal. There is no time limit to issue a decision, however, league officials say it will be processed on an expedited basis.

Sources say the league wants a hefty fine and a longer suspension, up to a full season.

If the league increases its suspension, it’s likely that Watson and the NFL Players Association will sue.

So it’s unclear when or if Watson will take the field for the Browns this season.

Watson faces no criminal charges and denies the allegations.

24 women have filed lawsuits against Watson alleging sexual misconduct. 23 of the 24 women settled their case. Some of the women along with their attorney, Tony Buzbee, are expected to speak at a press conference in Houston on Thursday afternoon.

The I-Team has looked into the last case that has not been settled.

The woman claimed that during a massage with Watson, he was completely naked, didn’t want to cover up at all, and kept trying to get her to touch his private parts.

The woman also alleged that she was suffering from mental and emotional stress and sought counselling.

Watson’s legal team, however, in depositions, pointed out that the woman continued to respond to Watson after the first massage and attempted to arrange further massage sessions with him.

The woman said in her deposition obtained by the I-Team that she spoke with NFL investigators. Sources tell the I-Team that the woman’s case was not one of four considered by the hearing officer during Watson’s disciplinary hearing.

Denise W. Whigham